The word crisis has been around in our country for a long time. In a situation of national currency instability, the question arises as to whether this property is worth the immovable investment and what the market expects in the near future.

In the urban new building segment, the following situation is observed: Between the introduction of economic sanctions and the increase in the central bank’s key interest rate, the credit burden of large construction companies using borrowed funds is increasing.

Due to the high cost of construction materials, the risk of what is commonly called long-term construction increases. Also, in light of rising mortgage rates, there is a possibility that apartments could be cheaper than mortgages, regardless of the interest and commissions paid, according to analysts’ disappointing predictions.

Also, it is very risky to get into a mortgage crisis, you can’t compete with everything and you can’t lose it. And although it is difficult to answer the question of whether it is possible to buy new buildings in a crisis, experts agree that it is better to wait a bit with joint participation.

As for the secondary in the city, another point follows: Accordingly, the slowdown in the construction of new buildings increases the interest in such immovable property. Such transactions are beneficial for buyers who can freely pay for an apartment without a mortgage.

According to experienced developers, buying an apartment in the secondary market is interesting from a long-term investment point of view. Many property owners make good offers to sell apartments. However, when the housing market is stable, such investments can pay off after a few years.

If the economic situation develops negatively, as predicted by analysts, it is worth noting the suburban residential property, where the situation is still quite attractive. Large investors, who had recently bought hundreds of hectares of land in the region, sold plots to small economy class wholesalers.

People with 1-3, 1-3 million rubles are in a hurry to save their savings from further depreciation and to invest more quickly. Focus on urban real estate exchanges for suburban residential houses. There is a good demand for land plots among the buyers at present.

Financial analysts do not predict this guarantee, so consider the pros and cons of buying a home in a crisis.