Young computer programmer “Hamza Shehzad”

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In the field of computer technology, every country is in a race to get ahead of each other. But even older Pakistani children are not behind them. Many of our children have made significant contributions to information technology. 

Based in the UK, Muhammad Hamza Shehzad has set a world record for the world’s youngest computer programmer at just 12 years old. He passed Microsoft’s “361-98 Software Development Fundamentals” exam.Young computer programmer "Hamza Shehzad"

The Computer Technology Programming exam consists of general computer programming, object-oriented programming, and aptitude tests for understanding and practical skills related to C-Sharp, software development, web application development, desktop applications, and databases.

It is also worth mentioning that before Hamza Shehzad, Babar Iqbal from Dera Ismail Khan, Arfa Karim from Faisalabad, and many other Pakistani children and youth have set world records in the field of information technology. At just six years old, he was named the world’s youngest “MS Office Specialist”.

Hamza was born in Lahore in 2009 and moved to the UK with his family in 2011 when his father got an IT job in London. Seeing his father made him interested in learning computers.

After receiving the international award his father Asim Shehzad and mother Simba told reporters that their son has a natural ability in computer programming and they never pressured him to study computer.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. He further said that seeing Hamza’s interest in computers, did help him but all the hard work was his own. “

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