What is the future of electric cars in Saudi Arabia?

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The Saudi Standards Organization allowed the import of electric cars for business during June 2020. The electric car is battery-powered and charges under an automated system. According to Al Arabiya Net, there are also electric cars with dual systems They also have an electric charging system and run on petrol There are currently no such cars in Saudi Arabia.

The third type of electric car is the one that runs entirely on batteries and is charged by an electric charger. Wael Diab, director of the Saudi Standards Organization, said the organization had issued a technical plan for electric cars. These cars will not weigh more than 3500 kg and their speed will not exceed 25 km per hour. The cars will be sold in Saudi markets. The standard organization will test and approve this type of car.

There are different rules for using electric vehicles 

Electric car batteries are different from conventional batteries, Engineer Weil said. There are two batteries in the car, one is for start, it is placed in the front of the car, the other is called battery (REES), it is for running an electric car. Consumers of electric cars are confused about their speed. They are worried about how far the car will go and then stop.

Car dealers are offering different options to buyers. There are different rules for using electric vehicles. The electric car will be distinguished from other vehicles. This will be done to minimize the loss of life in the event of a traffic accident involving a vehicle weighing less than 2722 kg. It is essential that the electric car can travel at least 300 km in 7 days.

 Electronic car companies are being banned from preparing and issuing their guidebooks.

What would be the procedure for charging electric cars in Saudi Arabia? Answering this question, Engineer Weil said that his system is different in every country. It has electric chargers in Saudi Arabia.

They are usually effective for 8 hours or more – these are called fast chargers. They charge the car battery in 30 minutes or less, but the larger the battery, the more time it will take to charge.

Engineer Weil said action would be taken against electric cars for non-compliance with Saudi standards.

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