Some interesting things about cars

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The world’s first car was invented in 1886 by German engine designer and engineer Karl Benz, and today, more than a century later, it is still considered one of the most important parts of our lives. Over time, we’ve seen many innovations in this invention. Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most interesting things about cars around the world that are usually rare. People are familiar.Some interesting things about cars

  1. Most residents of the Churchill area of ​​Canada leave their vehicles open just so that passers-by can take refuge in their vehicles if they are attacked by a polar bear.
  2. Mr. Roger was a popular American author, poet, and composer. His car was once stolen, but after a while, the thief realized that he had stolen the car from a very important person, so he returned it.
  3. The “ignition” in the Porsche car is on the left side and the reason is that these vehicles are used for racing and such a driver starts the car with one hand to save time and easily with the other hand. Gear can be applied – (It should be noted that in Pakistan the steering and ignition of the car are on the right side while the gear is on the left side but in other countries, it is the opposite.
  4. If the car is not in the signal area of ​​the remote and in such a case if you press the button of the remote more than 256 times, it will lose its connection with the car and will not work even though it is in the signal area.
  5. About three-quarters of the cars manufactured by the world’s leading company Rolls Royce are still running on the roads today.
  6. A Greek taxi driver has the distinction of traveling the most in a Mercedes. The taxi driver donated the car to a museum and by then he had driven the car 3 million miles. Another vehicle was provided in return.
  7. Brigitte Driscoll was the first woman in Britain to be involved in a car accident and was hit by a car traveling at just 4 miles per hour.
  8. In many European countries, car headlights are never turned off, not even during the day.

9.Vehicle rearview mirror (glass mounted on the front seats) was first installed by a car race driver in 1911 to estimate the distance of the vehicle behind the competition.

  1. In California, it is legal to ride a motorcycle in the middle lane of two vehicles, but interestingly, about 53% of the citizens here are unaware of this law.
  2. Citizens in South Africa are legally allowed to install flamethrowers under silencers under their vehicles. This device is fitted to a recreational vehicle.
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