How to sell an apartment full guide

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Before selling a part of the apartment, you need to decide if you are hiring a real estate agency or if you are going to do it yourself. The real estate agent will inspect the apartment, advertise, negotiate with potential buyers, and prepare documents. Of the minuses – the high cost of providing services, which varies from 2-6% of the cost of housing.

 If you believe that you have the knowledge and strength to sell an apartment with unwarranted delays, move on. In addition, by buying the apartment yourself, you will be able to control every step from finding the buyer to completing the transaction.

Preparation of the required package of documents All the necessary documents for the sale of an apartment should be without any corrections and corrections, and the data described in the technical documents for the apartment and other documents should be in accordance with the facts. The list of documents may vary, but the following are considered essential.

 A document confirming ownership of the residence.

Passports of all apartment owners as well as minor birth certificates. If the owner selling the apartment is a minor, then the permission of the guardianship authorities; Cadastral Passport from BTI Marriage certificate, and the consent of the spouse (or spouse) for the sale of the apartment, notarized Consent is not required if the apartment is not legally acquired through a joint marriage.

Excerpt from the house book, which contains information about all the people registered in the apartment and the debt reduction certificate. These documents are valid for one month and should be taken immediately before the transaction.

Appearance and preparation of the apartment

How to sell an apartment full guideThe cost of an apartment is a negotiable one. In order to accurately estimate the cost, you should consider the following factors:

 The location of the apartment (how close it is to the center, even if the area is popular Advanced infrastructure, availability of social services, parking.

Year of house construction and equipment (monolithic, brick and monolithic brick houses are more than panel the floor.

Repair is an aspect that you can add to. Because many apartment buyers do not want to repair immediately. Therefore, in order to draw attention to your apartment without reducing the price, it is possible to bring it in proper shape.

Important part Buyer Search

In order for buyers to reach you faster, you need to advertise in as many sources as possible and it should be of high quality.

Take the time 

To High-quality photography. Able to take pictures in good light, whether it is daylight or artificial. Get rid of the clutter you don’t need. Flexibility always looks better in the picture, and there is more space.

Text, which should be quite detailed and include the features of the apartment and its winning parameters.

Initial Sale Agreement Registration (Deposit Agreement)

This agreement will give you a guarantee that the buyer will not change his mind about buying the apartment. In case of refusal of the transaction, the deposit remains with the seller. For the buyer, the contract is also a guarantee in this clause that the price of the apartment will remain the same, you will not sell it to anyone else and if for some reason you refuse the transaction, you will give the buyer a double size. The deposit is refundable.

The initial contract for the sale of the property has been prepared in any form. The agreement requires the following details.

Passport data of both parties.

Party addresses

Apartment sale details and address

 Term of responsibilities

Deposit amount (2-5% of the value of the apartment)

Get out of the apartment

Prior to full payment of the apartment, you should obtain a certificate of non-payment of the required bills and tax fees from the appropriate authorities. Also, it is important to get a departure address list. It is not required, but it has been requested in some parts of Russia.

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