8 Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones

D_K January 28, 2022 No Comments

Over the years, mobile phones have become an addiction

Here are some amazing facts about this device that you will see in your hand on average 85 times.

The first mobile phone

The world’s first mobile phone was Motorola’s Dina Tech 8000X, developed in 1983 by Martin Cooper, a senior executive at the company. Only 30 numbers could be stored in this phone while it weighs 1.1 kg and can talk for 30 minutes. And yes, it cost 4,000.

First mobile phone call

The first cell phone was introduced by Martin Cooper to Dr. Joel S. Engel on April 3, 1973, using his Dina Tech mobile phone.8 Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones

The first smartphone

The world’s first smartphone was introduced on August 16, 1994, by the well-known company IBM. It was the first touch screen phone available in the market that was easy to use with the help of a stylus or finger while it had functions like calendar, calculator, address book, and notepad installed.

Unique mobile phone hobby in Japan

It is an interesting fact that about 90% of the mobile phones used in Japan are waterproof, which is why the Japanese people are very eager to use their devices while bathing.

Apple’s unique record

In 2012, Apple sold 37 million iPhones in 14 weeks – 262 per minute and 4 per second.

The world’s most expensive mobile

At the moment, almost everyone in the world has a mobile phone, some have a smartphone and some have a simple one. But the most expensive smartphone in the world was Apple’s iPhone 5, which was designed by designer Stuart Higgins with 26-carat black diamonds and sold for .3 15.3 million.

The rule of Android phones

By the way, the iPhone is considered the king of smartphones, but as far as sales are concerned, no one can compete with Google’s Android phones. An estimated 82.8% of smartphone users in the smartphone market are currently using Android devices.

Mobile apps

There are currently 2.8 million smartphones sold worldwide, but according to a report, only 35% of users download an app to their device in a month.